What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual HealingSpiritual healing is many things. Historically it is the oldest form of healing practiced by mankind – long before humans knew about medicines and antibiotics spiritual healing was practiced by all races and creeds. Certainly it was the form of healing carried out by Jesus and his disciples. Spiritual healing is a holistic form of healing designed to bring into harmony the Mind, Body & Spirit by prayer, meditation and the laying on of hands. Spiritual healing is not just there to heal physical illness, but also to bring ease and peace to the mind. Not just to remove physical pain, but also to bring comfort to those of us who feel sad, unloved and unwanted.

Spiritual healing is using the power of the universe, which has been there from the beginning of time, to aid those who are in need by the simple process of touch, empathy and love. Spiritual healing knows and cares nothing of race, colour, creed or political persuasion. Its only concern is the welfare and comfort of those seeking the joys of healing, either by giving or receiving the universal power. In practical terms spiritual healing is the transfer of universal healing through the healer to the patient by the laying on of hands, or by prayer if healing is to be given at a distance. In practice there is little to Spiritual healing, every mother does it when she kisses her child better after a fall, or rubs a grazed knee which has caused a child to cry – no medicines, just the application of love – and that really is what spiritual healing is. It is the transfer of a universal healing energy given in love from one person to another irrespective of who that other person is or how we personally might feel about that person outside of the healing session.

Chakra HealingSpiritual healing is non-invasive, no healer can promise that he or she can heal you, no healer can countermand any instructions from your Doctor. No healer can diagnose – we are not medical practitioners. All we can do is to use the universal power for the benefit or all those in need.

So, we have been asked, if healing is so easy can anybody be a healer. The answer is yes provided you are a person who genuinely feels for others, and wishes good things for all creation. Spiritual Healing is many things but mostly it is the application of unconditional love.

If you find that after reading this your understanding of healing has grown along with your interest and it has provoked more questions in your mind, please do not hesitate to contact us for the answers whatever the questions are, we are sure that within our Association we can find someone to answer them.

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