Welcome to the Lincolnshire Association of Healers

Hands-on HealingThis Association was set up in the 1990’s  by Mr Len Middleton (deceased) from  South Humberside and his efforts have lead to the strength that has enabled the Association to grow, and will continue to do so for years to come.  Many of those who joined him at the beginning are still with us today, and having been joined in 1995 by some healers from Norfolk and surrounding areas the L.A.H. boasts a membership of 160+ and is continually taking on new students and healers who move from other areas. Our members are of all ages male and female from all walks of life.

Because we now cover the Norfolk area it was decided in 2006 that to enable the committee to get together with our members more often and have a more personal contact with them we would set up sub committees in the North and South. (the North area is from Boston to Lincoln and beyond, and the South going in the opposite direction into Norfolk as far as Sheringham).  Also we are merging into other areas like Peterborough & Yorkshire.

Below are the faces of our committee Mr Robert Eldred is one of the longest serving members of the L.A.H.   Deyarna MacKrill took over the role of Chairperson in 2017 along with Shelagh Thomas as Vice chairperson and Joanne Kendall as Secretary. Georgie Jukes became the BAHA rep in 2015.  Bowny Bown came on board in 2016. Together we  hold the Association in our hands and all work voluntarily to keep it running as smoothly as we can.

We are a happy band of pilgrims working for the good of Spiritual Healing the L.A.H. and it’s progression!

If you have any questions, please send a message to lahsecretary@hotmail.com

The Current LAH Committee

20160801_192030 Deyarna bowny
Joanne Kendall
Deyarna MacKrill
Bowny Bown
Bob Eldred  2  Shelagh Thomas
Bob Eldred
Consultant Assessor/
Hon Life President
Georgie Jukes
Shelagh Thomas
Vice Chairperson