Absent Healing

What is Absent Healing?

Absent HealingAbsent healing is sometimes referred to as distant healing. Both terms are correct as it means that the healer and the patient are not in the same room as with normal hands-on healing, but are at a distance from one another. It does not matter whether the distance between the healer and the patient is a few yards or many miles, the healing energy being used has just the same power as that which is used in hands-on healing. Distant healing is especially potent when it is used by a circle of like-minded people who meet specifically for the purpose of sending healing for those loved ones who are far away, in hospital, or who cannot be present for other reasons.

When preparing to give out distant healing, prepare yourself in the normal way as you would when sitting in any circle for any other reason. Take time to attune yourself, ensure that you have protected yourself, and that everyone in the group is at peace with themselves. The healing powers will be enhanced if the group starts with a peaceful meditation. Keep a picture in your mind of the person to whom the healing is being sent, see them in your mind as they want to be, fit and well and full of life, ask for the healing rays to go to these people, to help in their recovery and well being. Absent healing works well on those people who would never come to a healing session or to people who just refuse to accept the benefits of Spiritual Healing. Send them the healing rays and check their condition as the weeks pass by, you will be amazed at the improvements in their health.

Distant healing is like the power of prayer when we are asking for things for others and not for ourselves, it really does work. The healing power is given to us for the benefit of all, use it freely, it is a gift to the world.

Below is the list of people receiving Absent Healing.  To have someone added to this list, please send an email to lahsecretary@hotmail.com stating the name, location and condition.

Please be sure that the individual concerned wishes to have their name entered on the list.  Also let us know if you wish anyone listed below to be removed.

Amy Painter who lives in North Carolina, USA. Amy says I am in dire need of healing. I have a variety of different physical and mental ailments. I am only 39 and I feel like I am 90. I want to be able to enjoy life and be able to play with my kids. Thank You!  

Rachel Woollam who lives in Bredbury (Stockport) who has asked for healing. She has osteoarthritis and trapped nerves in her neck and sounds to be in very much discomfort and pain.

Mrs Mavis Gordon of the Hadleigh Healing Society. Can I ask a favour of you and BAHA members could they send our absent healing for my daughter, Caroline Taylor, who is to be undergoing radiotherapy shortly for a returning cancer. All your prayers and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

From Mr William Lambert  of the Body, Mind, Spirit-International Healing Federation.

I shall be grateful if the Distant Healing team will send me support – my previously stable prostate cancer has become active, with an unacceptable high PSA count, increasing weekly. This has caused 6 recent appointments at the hospital, giving them and me concern.  However, following an eventual internal investigation under general anaesthetic, plus a CT scan, I am pleased to report that the cancer has not spread. But I have had to accept stronger medication, to quickly control the increasing PSA count.

Ongoing healing requests

We ask that you remember all those that have been involved in the recent atrocities in London and Manchester and elsewhere around the World.

From the Scottish Association of Spiritual Healers, Membership Secretary:

For Jo-Ann Campbell – She had Emergency Surgery yesterday (18th June 2017) for an abscess in her bowel. They have had to take away part of her Colon and she is still in Intensive Care. Healing Prayers would be greatly appreciated. She is the daughter of my closest friends. Thank you, Dorrie Neilson

July update on Jo-Ann Campbell from Dorrie.

She is now at home and making good progress. Evidently it was very much touch and go with her just before and during the operation and she needed a blood transfusion. She has a Colostomy bag. The surgeons are very pleased with her and hope to reverse the procedure in 6 to 8 months.  It will take 2 operations to achieve this. Thanks to you all at BAHA for your Healing Prayers and thoughts.

From Yvette Coppin. Tuesday 6 June 2017, Telephone call from Yvette, she has recently undergone a back operation and asks for your healing prayers.

Mrs May Burgess. Wednesday 7 June 2017,she has been in the ICU recently due to double clots in her lungs. May is now on mend but asks for your healing prayers

Mrs Sandra Smith. Wednesday 7 June 2017,she has Diabetes which as yet is not under control. Sandra asks for your healing prayers

Mr Tony Gillett who is unwell at the moment. Tony and Jean his wife also ask for our healing prayers, wishes and thoughts for their niece Elisa who is only 42 years of age, Elisa suffered a stroke at Christmas 2016, and two weeks ago she had a brain bleed and is very poorly.

Mrs Marion Robinson of Peacehaven, who asks for our healing prayers, wishes and thoughts for her friend Penny Vickers who has recently had a fractured arm below the elbow.

Sheila’s Cousin Harold Rogers of Rotherham. Harold is due to undergo a right hip operation within the next few weeks.