Directory of Healers

Below is a list of qualified healers belonging to the Lincolnshire Association of Healers that have given permission for their details to be advertised on the website.

Name Location Telephone No Charges
Mrs J Allen Spilsby Lincs 01790 753425 Donations
Mr R Askew Huntingdon 07706201350 Donations
Miss J Barber Grimsby 07894122243 Donations
Mrs D Beba Spalding 01406540311
Mrs R Bellfield Whittlesey 07963038627 Donations
Mrs M Cattle Cottingham 01482 843145 Expenses/Donations
Mr N Cave Spalding 07835406592 Expenses/Donations
Mrs S Cobley Grimsby 07941834072 Donations
Mrs S Davidson Norfolk 01263 721682 Donations
Ms A Davies Stamford 01780 764487 Donations
Mrs J Eve Peterborough 07725513738 Fee
Mrs J Ewing Kings Lynn 07881875442 Donations
Ms M Ferro Kings Lynn 07830112418 Donations
Mrs S Gray Peterborough 07514376923 Donations
Mr R Griffiths Kings Lynn 07837788206 Expenses
Ms A Harrington Lincoln 07563903427 Expenses
Miss T Hewson Grimsby 07851399845 Donations
Mrs K Hughston Kings Lynn 07788 713516 Expenses/Donations
Mrs J Hunt Thurlby 07801984434 Donations
Mrs G Hunter Lincoln 07742237461 Donations
Mrs J Jarvis Spalding 01775 760612 Donations
Mrs J Kendall Hull 07792474462 Donations
Miss C Lake Kings Lynn 07772198611
Miss J Lander Lincoln 07874249699 Fee
Mrs J Lappage Peterborough 07910438385 Expenses
Mrs R Lawrie Hull 07525730134 Expenses/Donations
Mr G Lusher-Povey Leiestershire 07925011466 Expenses
Mrs D Mackrill Grimsby 07702833463 Donations
Mrs C Malkin Sleaford 07713403504 Expenses
Mrs M Marwaha Lincoln 07722241994 Fee
Mrs L McGlynn Kings Lynn 07770168631 Donations
Mrs J Morris Kings Lynn 07788995082 Donations
Mrs C Nuttall Holton-Le-Clay 07931514650 Donations
Mrs P Parkman Cottingham 07599931172 Donations
Mrs S Parsons Louth 07877562580 Donations
Mr A Player Bourne 07833771790 Donations
Mrs G Plumb Skegness 07941024285 Expenses
Mr C Randell Stamford 07935790892 Donations
Mrs R Rimes Peterborough 07951784836 Expenses
Miss S Rollitt Cherry Willingham 07852 992517 Fee/Donations
Mrs C Roper Downham Market 07727 917375 Fee/Travel expenses
Mrs J Schweikhardt Pinchbeck 07702754925 Expenses/Donations
Mrs Jay Smedley Alford 07502222754 Donations
Mr P Sykes Spalding 07926007142 Donations
Mr M Thompson Louth 07734445737 Fee
Mrs J Turner Cottingham E Yorks 01482 844636 Donations
Mrs M Wade Stamford 07901 607125 Donations
Miss J Wadham Shouldham 07950 318044 Expenses/Donations
Mrs P Waites Hull 07544961346 Donations
Mr S Webb Boston 07768205714 Fee
Mr S Wood Tetford 07887961663 Expenses/Donations
Ms P Wright Winthorpe,  Skegness 07719699893 Fee/Expenses